About Us


The Klip Klop Shop Approach

I founded Klip Klop Shop back in 2015 with a few very basic concepts in mind:
  • Quality: As an avid equestrian, I know the value of investing in high-quality tack and equipment for a horse's comfort and safety.


  • Functionality: Klip Klop Shop's designs draw on my hands-on experience as a horse owner, as well as the input I have received from hundreds of equestrians actively engaged in hunter-jumpers, three-day eventing, western, pleasure riding, and dressage worlds.


  • Affordability: As an adult amateur actively engaged in the sport of hunter-jumpers, I understand that many horse owners have limited budgets and work very hard to be able to afford their horses. I believe that riders should not have to break the bank to afford quality and attractive tack, especially when those funds can be put to use for riding lessons, vet bills, or other horse-related expenses.
Please contact me with questions:
Email: KlipKlopShopping@gmail.com
Website: www.KilpKlopShop
Instagram: Klip.Klop.Shop